Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy shopping at Tesco Lotus

To make shopping family fun

When it's time to choose that gift

And give yourself a special lift

There's no other destination

To equal Tesco Lotus Happy Station

It's undeniable that shopping is a source of happiness for people everywhere. Add a few splashes of Thailand's renowned 'sanook' mixed with a healthy helping of seasonal good will, and happy days are here again across the land.

This year, Tesco Lotus is doing its part in a big way to promote seasonal cheer and happy shopping time with its "Happy Station" campaign that runs from 19 November 2009 to 04 January 2010 at Tesco Lotus stores across the country.

The seasonal message is loud and clear - just board the train for the Tesco Lotus 'Happy Station' and enjoy the super value for money shopping experience for which Tesco Lotus is renowned.

Super value for money? The wide range of great quality 'Happy Station' gifts start with prices as low as three baht for New Year cards while baskets for health conscious people for example are available from just 255 baht.

Baskets for the health conscious are just one of the many Happy Baskets from a total Happy Station selection of more than 2,000 items, all conveniently arranged in price points.

Department store-quality hampers with leading brand products and OTOP baskets start at 255 baht, while quality house brand baskets start at just 185 baht. In the health conscious range options include health-giving beverage baskets, orange mania baskets, five-colour fruit baskets and salad baskets.

It's probably fair to say that the way to a child's heart is through his or her toys and the Happy Station makes this laudable objective as easy as selecting a traditional Teddy Bear or the ever popular Panda.

Gifts and toys for children include dancing dolls (199 baht), teddy bears (starting at 99 baht) and two-wheeled and three-wheeled scooters (499 baht). Books start at 29 baht, stylish cushions (99 baht), various flavours of cookies (5 baht/piece or 45 baht/10 pieces). There are also mini racing cars (one for 59 baht and two for 99 baht), two-wheeled and three-wheeled scooters (499 baht) and music keyboards (599 baht).

Unbeatable gifts at unbeatable prices, that has to be the overall Happy Station message. Looking for something to brighten up your or someone else's kitchen? A gift which is also eminently practical? Look no further than the Happy Station where you'll find a range of stylish kitchenware products, from Nova Mate and other leading brands and at prices as low as 199 baht per set.

Irons, kettles and fans start at 199 baht, colourful tableware party sets and cheerful Mickey and Minnie Mouse mugs start at 29 baht each. If you get caught up in the Happy Station shopping mode and then remember there are a few more gifts to buy, don't despair. Take a look at the Tesco Lotus range of electronic items that include the Acer's D250-N280 Net-book at only 11,990 baht. There are also thumb drives in a range of styles and colours starting at 470 baht. And while you're switched on to things electronic you'll just have to see the super smart digital photo frames that cost as little as 2,790 baht.

Christmas and New Year decorations are overlooked at your peril. Even if last year's favourites are still in good condition you'll want to freshen them up and party hats are definitely a seasonal buy. Happy Station solutions include one-foot, to seven-feet Christmas trees from 59 baht to 1,290 and party decorations from just five baht. If you fancy a fancy headband for a change, these and other happy hats and masks are all at low, low prices with masks starting at nine baht.

Each year Tesco Lotus strives to make shopping at any of its nationwide stores a great experience for its customers and this year, Thailand's leading retailer is focusing on making that experience a happy time for everyone. Quality products at unbeatable prices provide a great start for families on a limited budget keen to buy gifts for loved ones, friends, and relatives. The sheer Happy Station selection of more than 2,000 items means no one is left out. And that also means happy smiles all round.

Corporate customers, keen to take advantage of the Tesco Lotus value for money offers for large purchases are invited to call the newly installed Hot Line at 0-2797-9000 ext 5599 or e-mail to for large purchases.
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