Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Esso (Thailand) is spending over Bt100 million to re-brand its fuel-station business by the middle of this year.

Yodpong Sutatham, retail sales manager, said yesterday that the move is aimed at boosting retail sales of fuel amid fierce competition in the fuel distribution market.
Tesco Lotus, Tiger Mart, McDonald's, KFC and Rabica coffee houses have been enlisted as retail partners, joining B-Quik and A-Fast 22, the operator of hi-tech car-cleaning shops.

The campaign will start in Chiang Mai, where local partners have been drawn in to help renovate four stations.
Esso counts 530 filling stations nationwide, of which 153 are operated by the company under a subsidiary named Thai C Centre Co.
The rebranding comes after the floods severely hit 106 stations. Some remain closed, pending inspection by Esso experts to ensure proper functioning of electrical and other systems. All stations are expected to be operating this month.
"The stations were hard hit and we need to refurbish them as soon as possible," Yodpong said.
In Thailand, Esso also operates a petroleum refinery with capacity of 177,000 barrels a day and an aromatics plant that can produce 500,000 tonnes of paraxylene and some 50,000 tonnes of solutions annually.

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