Saturday, November 5, 2011


Ikea Store Facade

Crowded customers in the store.

There are many idea for home living.

The first section is living room.

Many styles for customers choices.

Ikea layout is very simple with one way. The customers need to follow the arrow.

Staff uniform is yellow with blue stripes.

Ikea key strategy is price leadership. Customers carry their furniture by themselves. So, retail price is excluded transportation cost.

However, Ikea also has delivery service but customers need to pay for extra service.

In the first floor, Ikea lures customers with parade of furniture items.

In the showroom, they set up for limited space display for customers idea.

Ikea family for subscribers will get more benefits.

When customers decided what items they interested, then go to pick up at 'Market Hall'.

Market Hall is air conditioned warehouse. Customers need to mark the items details. Then finding their location.

For every Ikea items, design follows pricing. Designers need to think about the pricing first.

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