Thursday, October 6, 2011


NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Steve Jobs did what many retail CEOs only dream of accomplishing -- he turned discretionary items into necessities.

In a challenging economy, when retailers were simply trying to figure out how to unload T-shirts, shoes and food without resorting to drastic discounts, Jobs sold iPhones, iPads and iPods as if they were water in a barren dessert.

"As a prime example of modern day ingenuity and creativity, Steve Jobs offered the world an inside look at what the future of consumer electronics can and will become, with generations of consumers now able to thank him for his brilliant innovations," the National Retail Federation said in a statement. "He leaves behind a legacy that will inspire retail companies for decades to come."
Apple(AAPL_) is the retailer others can only aspire to, boasting the highest sales per square foot of any other brick-and-mortar company. The technology giant pulls in $5,626 in annual sales per square foot, significantly more than the No. 2 retailer, Tiffany(TIF_), which earns $2,974 per square foot a year.
The retail sector is in mourning, with many companies expressing deep gratitude for Jobs' ingenuity and innovation.
"I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. He has had an indelible influence on the way we use technology in our lives," said Best Buy (BBY_) CEO Brian Dunn. "Steve was a visionary leader who was able to see the world in ways that others were unable to see. Under Steve's leadership, Apple has been a great partner to Best Buy and we will miss him. Beyond that, Steve's mark on the connected world as we know it today -- making technology smart, simple and empowering -- will leave a lasting legacy that will continue to influence technology well into the future. For that, all of us, whether Apple users or not, should be forever grateful."
eBay's(EBAY_) Chief Executive John Donahoe: "Steve understood the power of technology to enrich our lives in simple, elegant ways. His impact on consumers all over the world is apparent wherever one goes. Without a doubt we have lost the greatest innovator of our time. 
"The world is a better place because of Steve Jobs," said Sears(SHLD_) CEO Lou D'Ambrosio. "His vision, guts, and commitment transformed the technology, retail, and media industries. In 1999, I had a discussion with Steve during which he described the way music and the world would be brought to people's fingertips. Back then, it sounded like a dream; now I realize how prophetic he was."
J.C. Penney's (JCP_) hiring of Ron Johnson, the former head of Apple's retail stores, as CEO is the greatest testament to Apple's impact on the sector. Johnson, who reported directly to Jobs, will assume the role on Nov. 1.
"Apple has democratized retail. You don't go into the stores and thumb through racks to find what you want. The store associates believe in the product and understand the product. If you go into Gap, the sales person has no emotional attachment," said Wall Street Strategies analyst Brian Sozzi. "Apple has changed the retail landscape. It is time to take out some of the racks and take out some of the unproductive merchandise, and clean things up for the customer."
-Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.
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