Monday, May 16, 2011


KUB Malaysia Berhad, the licensee of A&W fast-food restaurants in Thailand and Malaysia, is ramping up its business in this country by spending one billion baht to reach 100 outlets.

A&W has been present in Thailand since 1983. KUB has had the franchise for the past 10 years.

Haniza Ros Nasaruddin, the company's general manager for business development, said it would add another 59 A&W restaurants to the existing 41 now in Thailand by 2015. Annual turnover is forecast to triple to one billion baht by the same year.

For 2011, KUB will open five new outlets in Greater Bangkok at a cost cost of 10 million baht each. It will also spend 50 million baht to renovate five existing stores and spend 50 million baht on marketing activities. Sales are targeted to increase by 30% this year.

"Our customers in Thailand are a little old. We need more younger customers _ teenagers and children," Ms Haniza said in Bangkok yesterday.

A&W restaurants are found mainly in shopping malls and petrol stations.

KUB Malaysia has a franchise licence from US-based Yum Restaurants to run A&W in Thailand and Malaysia.

"We recognise Thailand is a growing market and that people here have huge spending power," said Ms Haniza. "We're confident of achieving our goal, because A&W has showed very clear growth since the fourth quarter of last year, and our business could grow 10% despite last year's political problems."

KUB will also increase its number of A&W restaurants in Malaysia to 100 in the same time frame, from 50 now. Annual Malaysian A&W sales are targeted at two billion baht by 2015.

KUB Malaysia is an investment holding firm. Its core businesses are IT; property, engineering and construction; and food operations. Annual sales revenue is 10 billion baht.

After its success in Thailand, the company wants to expand A&W into other Asean markets as well. It has been negotiating informally to extend its licence to include more countries, with Singapore and Brunei in the pipeline.


  1. Is there a list somewhere of the retail A&W outlets in Thailand, not only Bangkok, but nationwide please

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