Friday, August 27, 2010


Left:Planet Fashion: Carrefour is taking its new store concept to the next level

French retail giant Carrefour has opened two new concept stores in a bid to revive flagging European sales.

The 'planet' test stores launched, this week, are located in Ecully and Venissieux. They have been redesigned and adapted to customers needs in a bid to offer "a new experience of shopping comfort, ease and pleasure".
ey hubs within the stores include; an assortment of a style area selling clothes and an alterations service, a beauty and cosmetics division, and a media section offering the latest technologies.

Carrefour planet will also organise events for clients throughout the year, which includes meetings, exhibitions, workshops and parties.

"Carrefour planet is more spacious, with wide aisles and new signage, which is more simple and colourful for easy identification," the retailer said. "To save time for our customers, Carrefour planet has also developed a range of services and innovations."

Other services include a Kid's Workshop, a cafe, and a hairdressers.

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